CoGo Mocha Latte Cold Brew Coffee

This dairy-free brew features Fair Trade cocoa from our organic farming friends in Central America, enriched with evaporated coconut milk, which we heat low and slow for a creamier and richer taste. Stevia and Monk Fruit offer healthy and tasty alternatives to sugar.

INGREDIENTS: Cold Brew Coffee* (Filtered Water, Coffee Beans*), Coconut Milk* (Filtered Water, Coconut Cream*), Dutch Cocoa* (Processed With Alkali), Sea Salt, Vanilla Extract*, Stevia*, Monk Fruit.* Contains: Coconut *Certified Organic Caffeine Content: 170mg Per Bottle


We’ve teamed up with a local coffee roaster to create our unique Cold Brew Blend. We use a special selection of premium beans blended for a coffee that is mildly fragrant with a hint of citrus, followed by deep cacao flavors and a rich finish.