Mango CoGo

The original recipes for CoGo™ smoothies were created by Ronny and Jimmy Stewart in their Mom’s farmhouse kitchen. For Mango CoGo® we use sweet, delicious mango varieties from organic farmers in Mexico. We mix these ingredients with oranges and lemons from California, and then add juice and purée from our own farm-fresh pears and apples. Then we blend in coconut milk and purée of organic bananas.

INGREDIENTS: Mango Purée*, Apple-Pear Juice*, Orange Juice*, Filtered Water, Banana Purée*, Coconut Cream*, Pear Puree*, Lemon Juice*. *Certified Organic Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)


Our Smoothies were first perfected in our farmhouse kitchen way back in the day. Luscious, fruity, and satisfying, these blends will brighten your day.