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Project Description


We start by making a soymilk base with organic soybeans and filtered  mountain spring water.

We blend in organic Cocoa powder, then add body and flavor with Banana Puree and Coconut Milk.

Finally, Chocolate Protein is sweetened lightly with Agave and Stevia.

In addition to organic Soy Milk, we boost Chocolate Protein with organic Soy Protein Concentrate, to give you a whopping 20 grams of protein in every bottle.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Soymilk (Soy Beans*, Water), Filtered Water, Banana Puree*, Agave Syrup*,  Soy Protein Concentrate*, Coconut Milk*, Erythritol* and Stevia Extract*, Dutch Cocoa (Processed with alkali)*,  Cocoa Powder*, Vanilla Extract*, Himalayan Pink Salt.  *Certified Organic.  CONTAINS: Soy & Tree Nuts (Coconut)

Vitatrition® and Vegan Protein

Vitatrition™ Functional Beverages are made from Whole Food sources of Superfoods, Superfruits, and Botanicals.

Vegan Protein Drinks offer the best protein from soybeans, hemp, and other plant-based sources, freshly blended with purees and juices from organic fruits. Our soy protein is extracted using “Green Technology” – without the use of hexane solvents.