Project Description


For this drinkable salad, we use fresh organic veggies from up and down the West Coast, delivered every few days.

The celery and cukes are hand- prepped and then Cold Pressed for sweetness and creamy texture.

We puree a portion of our celery and cucumber, and all of our leafy greens.

This bottle contains 5 celery stalks, 1/4 cucumber, 2 large spinach leaves, 1 leaf each kale, mustard, and collard greens, and a garnish of parsley.

INGREDIENTS: Celery Juice and Puree*, Cucumber Juice and Puree*, Spinach Puree*, Mustard Greens Puree*, Collard Greens Puree*, Kale Puree*, Parsley Puree*. *Certified Organic



The founding members of our juice family, CoGo™ Classics represent the simple, liquid essence of organic fruits and vegetables.